We can engrave company logos, dates, messages or individual initials on to most of the gifts.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.  The costs are very much dependant on the complexity and volume therefore we quote separately for each job.  As a rough guide creation of a template is about 60.00 and the cost of engraving individual gifts is about 5.00 a logo.

Hand Writing
For an even greater degree of personalisation why not have your message engraved in your own handwriting.  Simply fax or send the message you want engraved and we will do the rest.  The costs start from 16.50 for a signature.
Seal Engraving
For engraving family crests on seal rings we will quote once we have seen an illustration.

Personal Engraving
In order to enhance gifts it is sometimes nice to engrave the name, date or even a message on to the gift.  We offer a complete engraving service from  simple initials through to complicated crests.  We cost each job individually so there is no minimum charge!
Below are some examples of the most popular styles with a guide to prices.  It is not possible to quote here for logos and crests.





Initials using Times Roman


Initials using Script style, the initials can either be
entwined or spaced out.